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    Thank you for that awesome seminar one of the best and informative I have been in years and I have been in the business 26 years!!!!
    Great Day! Learned a lot and canít wait for the next one!
    Conference generated a lot of ideas about how to continue to expand my skills and professional qualifications. Great content, many opportunities to network with fellow professionals. Speakers were stellar! Great location for a small conference, Well organized, good scale, Solid content and presentation. I enjoyed it a lot!!!
    Excellent presentation, organization, food! Please consider hosting similar events in the Inland Empire.
    Great educational class...enjoyed Speakers. I would recommend classes to other Adjusters. Thank you.
    The speakers you had were all well versed in their specialties. Great day spent learning! Thank you!
    Excellent experience, well attended with relevant attendees. Great audience - attentive and engaged. I thoroughly enjoyed the TOA University.
    Great topics - very educational. As always, the TOA Boys are great hosts! Looking forward to more trainings like these. I would like a copy of John Riggsí presentation.
    Very well organized, best training Iíve ever attended. Thanks for the mimosas! You guys had awesome raffles, great food, and interesting topics. Thank you for everything!
    You did an excellent job! Presentation was awesome and very informative! Looking forward to the next training.
    Good topics, awesome job TO&A.
    I loved that I received meaningful, educational content in a fun and relaxing atmosphere.
    On-site training in offices would be great. Half-day or Lunch & Learn trainings would be good options too. We loved Dr. Miller!! Have him back! Great vendors! Thanks for the mimosas!
    Love the PM speaker Dr. Miller. Speaker Mr. Riggs excellent keynote speaker.
    Very informative and the presenters were well informed and provided real world take aways and good anecdotal stories. Enjoyed the day!
    Interactive and engaging sessions! Thanks!
    Speakers were great! Lunch was delicious. Lots of food and drinks. Great way to end a long week too!!
    Excellent seminar. Very interesting topics. Excellent food.
    Informative, great speakers and good topics ---> taking it back to work to use and share. Was also very fun! TOA University staff amazing, helpful, knowledgeable and passionate about what they do!
    I think this event was a success. The speaker were very informed. The presentations provided a lot of valuable information. The speakers and presentations were all very interesting. I can say I walked away from this event with useful information I can apply to my job.
    For a first time, TOA exceeded expectations.The material was right on point, very informative and totally worth the time. Your effort to have a successful event paid off.
    I felt the event provided the appropriate information needed to accomplish my job as an analyst. The legal analysis provided was great!
    Thank you. Very informative and the atmosphere/venue was great. Actually seen people I havenít seen in a long time. Oh also thanks for the mimosas. It was a nice touch.
    Great seminar. Enjoyed the speakers - informative. Mimosas - Awesome! Food - Fantastic!
    Fantastic - very classy!
    Love the venue. Great presentations. Love the mimosas. Met several new vendors to use. Canít wait to come back. Great topics.
    Had a great time. All the speakers were great.
    Everything was wonderful - breakfast, lunch, presentation, and the people.
    Awesome key speaker! Enjoyed the variety of vendors available today. The speakers were all great selections and provided useful information for current problems in the workerís comp system. Looking forward to the next event!
    Everything was great (venue, food, presentations) and I will definitely come to another seminar.
    Mr. Riggs was super informative, encouraging, and enthusiastic about his topic. Great way to bring us back from lunch. Maybe a Riverside event?